• Static Cling Only!

  • Use Dry-Erase Markers

  • Easy to Store (2' X 2')

  • Use Over & Over Again

  • Great Hands-On Use for Students

  • No Sticky Adhesives or Overheads




Thank you for visiting Key Graphing. Our revolutionary new products were developed by a teacher with the need for a better way to teach. Our products can be used by the teacher for demonstration or by the students for hands-on learning!

Our Feedback:

The prices for the grids are very affordable. The pull-down screens are very expensive in comparison. I can buy several static cling grids for the price of one pull-down screen. -Ashley Fenley, Teacher NEHS

I am now able to have kids come to the board and work with numerous grids lined up across it or just use the grids myself to demonstrate slope, parallel lines, perpendicular lines. etc. The class can observe all of the situations at the same time without me going back and forth from one transparency or another on the overhead. -Renee Gibbs, Math Teacher

I like the grids because they are easy to store away when I am not using them. I can use my white board for other things when I am not graphing.
-Michelle Turner, Math Teacher


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